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The AMKB Company assist you for all your projects anywhere in France : furnitures, podium, display, stand, merchandising, shelf space covering, shop window…

Our experts are installation professionals for PLV and furnitures. They guarantee you a proper value for your products on time.

Merchandising / Podium / Display


Thanks to the shelf covering you give a new visual to your product. This merchandising will boost the visibility of your band and will enhance your reputation.

Furniture / Stand / Event


For hosting and make more attractive your professional event, AMKB suggest to you to design and manufacture custom all your furnitures.

Windows / Adhesive Materials


An attractive window enable to differ you from your competition. Our experts suggest to you windows which fit with the image of your company.

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Just a few clicks, identify yourself on your secured Customer Center to benefit fully of all the online services, provided by our team.

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Our expertise at your disposal

With 5 years of experience, AMKB offers all its skills to its customers. By choosing us, you garantee to yourself a better visibilty and an enhanced image for your customers. As an individual, a private company or an organization, our experts advice you and support you throughout your project.

Our commitments as guaranties

Your satisfaction is and will remain a priority. We will work to meet all of the requirements for our customers. We garantee you an enhanced visibility. When choosing AMKB you go the choice of a properly installed PLV by professionnals, all the while respecting to the different constraints.

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Our Services

AMKB company supports you throughout your project

Your adversiting adapted

All our products are adapted and tailored to your requirements, your wishes and your needs.


We support you and we advice you for all your projects. For any further information Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fixed prices

With AMKB you only pay the announced price as part of our quote. Our quote garantee you a competitive price.

Increase your reputation

All the major brands understand, adversiting is the best way for being known and recognized by all.

Wide Range

No product or color is imposed, we will respect the model that we would elaborate together during appointments.

Innovative materials

All our models of PLV are made with innovative materials for stand out from your main competitors.

Different products

Set you apart from your competitors is our first goal. Asking AMKB it’s garantee yourself a unique work.


Our experts are committed to meet the deadlines fixed during the quote. This way we could plan together the different steps.

A respected quote

We garantuee to our clients respected quote without modifications. As soon we are committed we respect our deal.

Please feel free to ask to be contacted for any questions

* No personal information will be given to third parties.